Shahzeb Afridi

DARRA ADAMKHEL: A library has been opened for the first time in Darra Adamkhel (FR Kohat) for the first time where books on different topic are available for readers.

One would expect the government to take such initiatives, but the first ever library in Darra Adamkhel has been opened by the local educated people on self-help basis. The library has been set up at the public park where about 2,000 new and old books on different topics have been placed.

Raj Muhammad, owner of the library, who also serves as librarian, said he planned setting up a library in Darra Adamkhel since long, but could not do so because of financial constraints. Raj Muhammad said while talking to TNN that he had first opened the library at a shop in Darra Adamkhel Bazaar in 2018. However, he said, he was feeling uncomfortable there as that place was not suitable for the youth for study.

Raj Muhammad said he had given the good news about setting up of library to the people of Darra Adamkhel during a function at a private college. He said that in his speech during the function, he had also informed the participants about problems faced by him in opening the library. He said local welfare bodies, Akhurwal Coalmines Association, Zarghunkhel Coalmines Association and the Pakistan Army officers had assured him of help in his endeavours for opening the library. He said the Pakistan Army and welfare organisations constructed a building for his library at the public park in January this year in which the necessary facilities were provided.

The library owner told TNN that students can register themselves in his library by just paying Rs100 fee per month. He said the monthly fee for other people is fixed at Rs150 per month. He said those people who want to read books inside the library will not have to pay for it.

Raj Muhammad said over a hundred people have registered themselves with the library so far and it is most encouraging that 35 women have also got membership of the library. He said although women don’t directly come to the library, but they take books by sending their fathers, brothers or other male relatives.

Five other people of the area have also helped Raj Muhammad in establishing the library.