First snowfall of the season has turned the weather chilly in the remote Tirah area of Khyber district.

Snowfall has also blanketed the entire area under the cover of white. Local elders told TNN that snowfall in the region, usually, started in December; this time around, it started in mid-November. They said that weather has turned chilly after the recent snowfall.

The elders also said that the school going kids were facing trouble in walking to their schools.

They also demanded the authorities to take timely steps to avoid food repeat of last year issues, when the region road link was disrupted due to snowfall, severing area connections and resulting into food shortages.

Similarly, Malam Jabba and other areas of Swat district also received winter’s first snowfall. Besides, Ghizer and other areas of Gilgit Baltistan have also received snowfall, turning the weather chilly in these areas.

Upper parts of Ghizer district were still receiving snowfall while rain was predicted for plain areas.

Met department has also predicated more rains for most parts of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and said that mountainous areas of the province were likely to receive rainfall while plains more rain.

According to met department Pattan area of Kohistan and Khyber district received highest 19 millimeters of rain over past 24 hours while provincial capital received 6mm rain.

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