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Dear women, do you want to earn good income from the safety of your home.

In this blog, we will talk to those who want to earn their living but could not do so due to family and social restrictions. However, they could not achieve financial stability by sitting at home, rather, they have go for such ways for earning income which they follow while keeping up traditions and values.

There are many ways of earning income from home; however, in this blog we will talk about some easy ways of earning livelihood.


A large number of women are earning their livelihood from stitching. However, even stitching poses huge opportunities for growth.

I recently met a woman engaged in stitching, who told me how she more than doubled her income. She said that previously she used to earn between Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 a month; however, now she was earning Rs 90,000 a month.

She said that in the past women used to simple designs and did not left their home. However, she said that with the advent of digital printing, scores of new designs landed in the market every day which resulted into more and more women bringing her dresses with demand of stitching them in particular manner.

Besides, the price of stitching has also gone up as now she charged Rs 500 to Rs 100 per suit. The design charges are in addition to this.

She also started online marketing by using an Instagram and Facebook page, which increased her clientele.

Digital marketing

The growing use of technology has added new dimensions to online marking.

In the past, companies used large hoarding to advertise their products at the cost of tens of hundreds of rupees. However, the mobile phone revolution has brought the same power into every one hands and now even a large number of women were using their mobile statues for promotion of many products.


Blogging only requires a computer and internet connection.

I have turned blogging into a profession and I write blogs from my and earn money from it.

Blogs are a writer views about an issue and it is a sort of online dairy.

Dear friend, you can also start writing if you have a creative mind. Besides, one needs to read the blogs a lot, do online research about a topic you want to write about and one can also adopt an individualistic writing style to make the blog interesting.

Women can earn good money from blogging from their homes by writing about topics of great interest to women. A great interest can make you earn money from your writing.

YouTube Channel

These days many a women are earning good money from YouTube.

One only needs to have a mobile phone with a camera to shoot videos and upload to them internet. Many a women upload their cooking videos to YouTube and earn good money when people view those videos.

Cooking videos, uploaded to Village Handi Roti channel on YouTube by a woman earn thousands of clicks in minutes after being uploaded and it is only her cooking style which is getting her clicks.

Similarly, YouTubers doing vlogs about tourists and travel and women also do so.


Freelancing also offers easy ways to earn one livelihood and one should not fear it. Women can learn photo editing, language translations, video editing, logo designing and content writing to earn good income.

There are many such opportunities exist for women to earn their livelihood; however, one should be committed and courageous to achieve one’s objectives to become successful and financially independent women.

Half of Pakistan population comprises of females and women can engage online and offline businesses to earn their livelihood.

This is the only way to develop this country to make women financial strong and independent.

The author is an economics graduate and blogger.

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