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Five PTI achievements in KP

Peshawar BRT, PIC, Sehat Insaf Card and Swat motorway completed in PTI tenure

by Editor - 22 Feb, 2023 1550

Anwar Khan

Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) nine years rule in the province has come to end; however, some of the projects executed in the province are considered as the PTI achievements in KP.

Sehat Insaf Card, Billion Tree Afforestation programme, Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit and Swat Motorway are the main project completed under the PTI rule. These projects are benefiting thousands of people on daily basis and considered PTI achievements in KP.

Billion Tree Tsunami afforestation programme

PTI government in KP in 2014 launched the Billion Tree Tsunami afforestation programme in 2014. Party chairperson Imran Khan launched this project and allocated Rs 1.9 billion for planting billion trees across the province.

Several international organizations have hailed the PTI government initiative. These plants have been planted over a barren area of 353,000 acres.

Sehat Insaf Card

PTI government initiated the Sehat Insaf card project in August 2020 to provide free healthcare services to the public. Under the scheme, every family is entitled to treatment amounting to Rs 1 million.

Initially, the scheme covered only three percent of the population.

Under the Sehat Insaf card, Rs 200,000 are allotted for basic treatment, Rs 400,000 for advance treatment and Rs 400,000 for major surgeries.

The basic plan covers hospital admissions including childbirth, general surgeries, diabetes and other illnesses. On the other hand, advance treatment covers kidney and cardiovascular illnesses, angioplasty and open heart surgery.  KP residents are entitled to get these treatments any of the impaneled hospitals. In addition to this, transplant and cancer treatment is also covered under the health card.

Currently, health card covers 4.8 million people of the province and KP government has also provided legal protection through an act of assembly.

Peshawar Institute of Cardiology

Peshawar Institute of Cardiology is the province first health facility offering specialized treatment of cardiovascular diseases. PIC was opened on December 16, 2020 and so far 71,000 patients have undergone free treatment.

In addition to this, 1800 surgeries have also been performed. Besides, 11000 angigraphies have also been performed.

Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit

Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit is the flagship project of PTI government and has been built at the cost of Rs 70 billion. The project has benefited over 100 million commuters since its inception.

Currently, more than 270,000 people were using the service for their daily commutes including 70000 women. It has also generated 3000 jobs in the city.

BRT fleet comprises of 158 buses which is likely to increase to 220.

Swat Motorway

Swat Motorway is also one of the flagship projects of PTI government in KP.  It has increased connectivity between Malakand division and other areas of the country. Besides, it is also helping in promoting tourism in Malakand, by reducing distance between Islamabad and Swat.