Aftab Mohmand

In Swabi district, a tragic incident unfolded as a five-year-old girl was brutally murdered. However, the police swiftly took action, apprehending the accused responsible for the heinous crime.

Fida Muhammad, the father of the victim, Areefa Noor, clarified that his daughter was five years old. He hails from the Salim Khan Kagleech Banda area of Swabi and works as a rickshaw driver. Although they have nine children, one of them, Arifa Noor, fell victim to a brutal murder.

According to Fida Muhammad, Areefa went out to play in the evening and never returned home. When the family returned in the evening, they were informed that Areefa hadn’t come back. Distressed by the situation, Fida Muhammad immediately contacted relatives and sought their assistance in finding Areefa.

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During the search, they tragically discovered her lifeless body in a nearby ‘hujra’ known as Azan Zahir Shah. The police were immediately informed, and a case was registered at the Swabi police station.

Fida Muhammad expressed profound sadness on behalf of his family and relatives, questioning the reason behind their innocent daughter’s brutal demise. Areefa had been admitted to school with the aim of receiving an education. The family is deeply shocked to learn that a neighbor was implicated in Areefa’s murder. They remain unaware of the motive, as they had no conflicts, enmities, or disputes with anyone in the past.

Fida Muhammad expressed gratitude towards the Swabi Police for promptly arresting the suspect involved in his daughter’s murder. He earnestly hopes for swift justice for their daughter through the legal system.

The Swabi Police Station informed TNN that upon receiving the information, senior authorities promptly visited the crime scene. Acting under the direction of the District Police Officer, the individuals present at the scene were interrogated. Aman, a 15 to 16-year-old individual who is also a Hafiz of the Quran, provided crucial information leading to the accused being involved in the girl’s murder.

Upon further questioning, the accused admitted that he had brought the girl inside with the intention of committing rape. However, failing in his attempt, he became fearful that the girl would reveal the incident to her family. Consequently, he resorted to killing her to conceal the matter.

According to the accused, a knife was already present in the room, and he used it to fatally slit the girl’s throat. The police successfully apprehended the accused and recovered the murder weapon from his possession. The girl’s body has been sent to the hospital for post-mortem examination, with further details expected to emerge from the report.

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