peshawar, bannu firing

PESHAWAR/BANNU, July 9: Four people died and six others were injured in separate incidents of firing in Bannu and Peshawar districts.

The Peshawar Police say that last night unidentified armed men in Achini Bala area fired shots on some people who were going to offer Taravih prayer, which the Muslims perform at night in the holy month of Ramazan.

The firing left five people injured, who were taken to hospital where two of them succumbed to injuries. After the incident, the police conducted a search operation in the area.

In separate incident, two rival groups opened fire on each other in Bannu, leaving two people dead and three others injured.

The police said the members of Noor Muhammad group were travelling in a rickshaw when they were fired at by the Taj Murad group at GTS Chowk.

Mr Falak Niaz and Mr Muhammad Sajjad died on the spot while Mr Noor Muhammad and Mr Azizullah were injured. In retaliatory fire, one of the attackers Mr Taj Muhammad was also injured.

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