HARIPUR, October 21: Four people have been killed and as many injured when two groups exchanged fire in Haripur district, the police say.

The groups argued and later traded fire in Qazian village on 20 October. Those injured, including a passer-by, were taken is also among those injured.

The police say Mr Babar Sultan had arguments with his neighbor in Qazia village, leading to exchange of firing on 20 October.

As a result, Mr Sarfaraz and Mr Mir Sultan of the Babar Sultan group and Mr Afzal and Mr Ishtiaq of the Malik Izhar group died on the spot and four others got injured.

Student injured in Peshawar university clash

Meanwhile, a student was injured when two groups clashed at the University of Peshawar campus.

The police say Mr Altaf was hit by a bullet from the opponents during the firing. Though a source said Mr Altaf had succumbed to injuries at the hospital, the doctors had not confirmed it till filing of this report.

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