firing in Peshawar

PESHAWAR/MANSEHRA, July 19: Unidentified armed men have killed four people including three policemen and injured two other policemen and a passer-by in the provincial capital Peshawar. Another firing incident left two people dead and three injured in Mansehra district.

The police say Assistant Sub-Inspector Noor Muhammad along with five other policemen was having Iftar on Ring Road after routine patrol when unidentified motorcyclists opened fire on them. As a result, two policemen Mr Javed and Mr Multan died and Mr Mushtaq and Mr Noor Khan and a waiter of a hotel were injured in the incident.

The injured were taken to hospital where another policeman and the waiter succumbed to injuries. The Chief Minister, Mr Pervez Khattak, later announced 3 million rupees each for the families of the deceased and 500,000 rupees each for the injured.

In separate incident, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a vehicle in Mansehra on 18 July, killing Maulana Zubair and Mr Jehangir dead at Punjab Square. After the incident, the local residents tried to intercept the killers, but the latter lobbed a hand grenade, injuring three people.

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