PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police on Monday terminated four policemen, including two former station house officers (SHOs), in a case of torture and humiliation of a citizen, Amir Tehkali in police custody in Peshawar.

The decision has been taken on the recommendations of a judicial commission headed by Justice Lal Jan Khattak to probe the incident.

According to a notification issued by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operation, the dismissed policemen include ex-SHO Tehkal Sub Inspector Imranuddin, Constable Tauseef, Constable Naeem and ex-SHO Agha Mir Jani Shah (Yakkatoot) Sub-Inspector Shaharyar Ahmad.

A video of torture of Aamir Tehkali, a resident of Tehkal area of Peshawar, by police went viral on the social media in June this after which the Peshawar Police came under sharp criticism over its methods to deal with trivial cases.

The first video of Aamir Tehkali appeared on social media earlier in which he used abusive language against different police officers. After that another video of Aamir Tehkali appeared in which he was shown in a police station apologising for his inappropriate language and promising not to repeat this act. However, after that video, another video of Tehkali appeared in which it was shown that Tehkali was stripped and tortured by policemen.

This video went viral on the social media within no time which drew sharp criticism from people and also triggered protests demanding justice for the torture and humiliation victim.

After massive protests, a judicial commission was constituted for probing the incident. After completing probe in the incident, four policemen have been terminated from their jobs.

Inspector General Police (IGP) Sanaullah Abbasi said while commenting on sacking of involved policemen that there is no place in Police Department for those who bring bad name for the department. He said there is a strong system of accountability within the Police Department. He said law will come into action if anyone takes law into own hands.

Capital City Police Officers (CCPO) Abbas Ahsan said that any police personnel found involved in illegal activities would not be spared.

He said KP Police was striving hard for restoration of people’s confidence in law enforcing agencies.