Dera Ismail Khan’s Gomal University has banned mix gatherings of male and female students at University’s premises. A notification issued by the administrations today reads, ‘’Gathering/Coupling (Male & Female) is totally Banned in any ground, roads etc. beyond the premises of department.’’

It also stressed upon female students to ‘’be careful’’ and limit themselves to their classrooms and department’s common rooms.The notification also warned that strict disciplinary action will be taken against the non-complying students.

Speaking to a private news channel, the vice chancellor of the said University has claimed that the decision was taken due to security reasons. He also assured that mix gatherings could be held anywhere on campus but not in the Varsity’s parks.

It’s worthy to mention that aforementioned notification has been issued by Gomal University’s administration a day after ‘valentine’s day’ that falls on 14th of February. Valentine’s day often creates furore with conservative section of society calling for end to that practice. However, many including some students respond with discreet celebration.

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