Rifqatullah Razarwal

Adil Khan, a resident of Charsadda district is working as the coordinator of Friends of Paraplegic, an organization working for betterment of persons of disabilities and impaired in both legs.

He said that International Day of Persons with Disabilities was observed every year on December 3; however, it was only about arranging event and no practical steps are taken to resolve the issues faced by persons with disabilities.

“I only wish easy access to mosques, government offices and other places,” he said.

He said that it was difficult for him to access the mosque for prayers. “I appeal family members of other people with disabilities to built ramps for easy access of wheel chair,” he said.

About 13,000 persons with disabilities including those with physical, visual and hearing impairments, also voice this demand.

On December 3, district social welfare office arranged a function to mark the International Day for the Persons with Disabilities which was aimed at raising awareness about brining positive changes in perception of society regarding persons with disabilities and create opportunities for them.

Engineer Irfan, a differently able person from Peshawar he said that he had engineering degree; however, government was not following the four percent job quota for the persons with disabilities.

He said that he had researched the implementation of persons with disabilities job quota in 38 government departments and it showed the rate of implementation was stood at negligible 0.68 percent. “This was in contradiction to government claims,” he said.

Regarding ensuring easy access, he said that it was deputy commissioner of every district was empowered to approve maps having ramps for wheel chairs. “Claims about persons with disabilities are just claims and have nothing to do with reality,” he said.

Treatment of persons with disabilities

Dr Muhammad Kaleem, an assistant professor at Bacha Khan University Charsadda said the aim of observing this day was that the disabled and normal people to develop together, both intellectually and technologically.

However, he regretted that there were no positive changes in attitudes towards the persons with disabilities.

He said that there were many laws regarding the betterment of persons with disabilities; however; they were not implemented.

Dr Kaleem proposed for prominently displaying on banners about rights and how to treat them on government buildings, squares and streets so that people start respecting them.

District Social Welfare Officer Muhammad Shoaib said that DC Charsadda has directed all tehsil municipal administrations to ensure wheel chair ramps in all building maps.

“No map will be approved without having ramps,” he said.

Besides, he said that a committee comprising representatives of all departments and headed by the DC will be constituted which will ensure the implementation of quota in government jobs.

Mr Khan said that persons with disabilities can approach them with the complaints against any government organization and they will issue instruction for their resolution.

He said that the provincial council will be approached if the complaint is not addressed.

Mr Khan said that currently there were over 13.000 persons with disabilities in the district. However, he said that registration centers were being setup in all three tehsils of the district to register persons with disabilities so that they do not have to travel to Charsadda city.

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