PESHAWAR, November 20: The Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr Sardar Mahtab Abbasi, has said that people belonging to tribal areas should pay their bills as the government cannot afford to supply electricity for free.

In an address to the elders of Orakzai Agency, the governor conveyed that it was almost impossible to bring peace to the country until harmony was restored in the tribal belt.

He said more than 2 million families had been displaced from Orakzai Agency and other tribal areas. He added that peace could not be brought to the region even after the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of personnel from the Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps, Levies, police and laymen in the process of war on terror, and that the government acknowledged this devotion of the nation.

He said developmental projects would be initiated in Orakzai Agency soon.

“The jingoistic people belonging to tribal areas of Pakistan are just like a backbone when it comes to the matter of defence and security of the country. God willingly, the country would remain secure till the existence of tribal people. I wanted to meet you all and scrutinise the area as well so that I may help in the ongoing developmental projects by modifying them,” he said.

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