PESHAWAR: The federal government on Wednesday announced four holidays on the occasion of Eidul Azha from August 12 to 15.

According to a notification issued by Ministry of Interior, public holidays will be observed from August 12-15 (Monday to Thursday), while August 17 (Saturday) will be a working day.

Saturday, August 17 has been declared working day to avoid a trend in government departments where they turn four official holidays into nine holidays by taking a day off on Friday, August 16. There are official holidays on Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11 which means that the government employees will in fact enjoy six holidays. Had the government not announced working day on Saturday, August 17, the employees would have taken off on Friday, August 16, and then two more holidays would have followed on August 17 and 18, turning the total number of holidays into nine. Now the government employees will have to console themselves with six holidays.

As far as the Eid holidays for newspapers are concerned, it is a common practice that newspapers observe two closed holidays on Eid day and the following day. However, this time a different proposal has been made of observing one holiday a day ahead of Eid and the second holiday on Eid day which is expected on August 12.

The All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS), a representative body of newspapers owners, has announced two closed holidays on account of Eidul Azha on Sunday, August 11, and Monday, August 12.

Sarmad Ali, Secretary General of the APNS, has announced that in consultation with the All Pakistan Akhbar Faroash Federation (hawkers), it has been decided that member publications will not bring their issues on Monday, August 12, and Tuesday, August 13, and publish their Independence Day editions on Wednesday, August 14. Evening newspapers not appearing on Sunday, August 11 and Monday, August 12, may bring out their issues on Tuesday August 13, if so desired.

This decision has been taken by newspapers owners to bring out their respective newspapers editions on August 14, the Independence Day of Pakistan keeping in view business and circulation considerations.