Students and their teachers demanding promotion of education, improvement of schooling in FR Bannu. Photo by Mr Gohar Wazir

FR BANNU, November 12: Students and teachers of Janikhel tribe have protested outside the Bannu Press Club, demanding the government improve state-run schools and standard of education in the area.

Carrying banners and placards, the demonstrators chanted slogans against the education authorities in Frontier Region (FR) Bannu. They demanded an end to “Kalashnikov culture” and promotion of education in the area.

Local elders told TNN that they will no longer tolerate their youth to remain uneducated and that they wanted to activate and improve educational institutions in the area at all costs.

A student said: “Teachers don’t attend government schools; that is why we have to rely on private teachers.”

A teacher, at the rally, said: “We need to give the children pen and book, to identify the children not attending schools and to take action against the ‘ghost schools’ which don’t have any teachers and students.”

When contacted, authorities of the FR Bannu Education Department said the schools had teachers and that they would take action against the teachers who remained absent from duties.

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