PESHAWAR, July 3: The federal government has decided to start registration of internally displaced persons of North Waziristan in Peshawar soon.

Fata Disaster Management Authority officials say specific days have been chosen for the registration of IDPs from different areas.

As per the schedule, registration of Miranshah residents would be done on 7 July, Boya and Dattakhel IDPs on 8 July, Mir Ali residents to be registered on 9 July, Dosali and Gareewam residents on 10 July, Razmak and Shawal families to be registered on 11 July, and Ghulam Khan residents would be registered on 12 July.

Registration of all other IDPs would be carried out on 14 July. After the registration, 7,000 rupees each would be provided to displaced families as monthly expenses.

Moreover, 3000 rupees each would be given to the displaced families for house rent and 5,000 rupees each for purchase of different food products. In addition, 25,000 rupees each would be given to IDP families as Ramadan Package. The money would be given to the IDPs through their mobile phone Sims.

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