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Gunmen opened fire in a bustling bazaar in the Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, resulting in the tragic death of a police constable and an injury to a civilian.

As per police authorities, the gunfire erupted near the main entrance of a private bank, claiming the life of Police Constable Riaz and causing harm to Ziauddin, a citizen.

Following the incident, the deceased constable’s body and the wounded civilian were swiftly transported to a medical facility.

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Upon receiving the alert, a substantial police contingent swiftly arrived at the scene. They meticulously collected evidence and gathered statements from witnesses present at the location. The pursuit of the assailants has been initiated with barricades placed at the city’s entry and exit points.

The unsettling gunfire created a wave of apprehension among local traders, leading them to shut their shops temporarily. In response, law enforcement authorities have launched a comprehensive search operation across multiple locations to apprehend the armed individuals who managed to flee.

The police have indicated that they are examining the incident within the context of ongoing targeted killings.

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