Following detection of 75 cases of Omicron variant of Covid-19 across the country, authorities have voiced concerns regarding fifth wave of pandemic in the country.

Health authorities said that detection of new variant cases showed that country will start reporting Omicron cases over next two weeks.

They feared that by mid February, Pakistan daily count likely to jump up to around 3000 to 4000 Covid-19 cases.

However, they said that vaccinated people will remain safe from serious illness.

On the other hand, Omicron variant cases are going up in the country. National Institute of Health has thus far reported 75 cases of the variant in the country. Of this, 33 cases were reported from Karachi, while 17 from Islamabad and 13 from Lahore.

Besides, 12 cases of Omicron variant were reported among those coming from abroad.

Pakistan had detected its first Omicron case earlier on December 13.

The authorities have said that besides vaccination, taking necessary precautions was effective means to bring the pandemic under control. Therefore, all citizens should vaccinate themselves against the Covid-19.

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