IDPs Bannu

BANNU, July 11: The families displaced from North Waziristan Agency as a result of military operation are facing difficulties owing to inadequate number of registration and food distribution centres.

They have demanded the government to increase the number of registration points and relief goods distribution centres.

A member of a displaced family, who arrived at the Bannu Sports Complex for registration, told TNN that they waited from dawn till dusk for their registration but could not get registered due to rush. He said some could not be registered even after spending two days in the centre.

Another displaced man told TNN, “We spend whole day for our turn to get registered but at sunset we are told that time for registration is up now. There are thousands of families who have not been registered so far. I have been visiting this centre for the last seven days, but I am yet to get registration card.”

The administration established 11 registration centres in Bannu, but 8 of the centres were closed due to mismanagement and fake registrations.

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