In a collaborative effort, the Illuminate Impact Foundation, partnering with Pakistan Youth Change Advocates, orchestrated a compelling orientation session at the Department of Journalism, University of Peshawar. Focused on the impact of trans-fatty acids in dietary products, the session aimed to enlighten participants about the health implications linked to their consumption.

Sponsored by Pakistan Youth Change Advocates and integral to the Transform Pakistan Campaign, the event aimed to advocate for the regulation of trans-fatty acids in dietary products, striving for a healthier Pakistan. Illuminate Impact Foundation secured pledges from enthusiastic students, marking a significant step in promoting awareness and regulation of dietary products.

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Distinguished speakers at the event emphasized the importance of comprehending and addressing the presence of trans-fatty acids in daily diets. Miss Shughla, a renowned nutrition expert, highlighted the critical role of informed dietary choices in enhancing public health. The session offered valuable insights into identifying and mitigating risks associated with trans-fatty acids, contributing to the overall well-being of individuals.

“We believe that knowledge is a powerful catalyst for positive change, and this session has been instrumental in fostering a greater understanding of the impact of trans-fatty acids on our health,” stated Shahid Ali Tareen, Founder of Illuminate Impact Foundation.

Expressing gratitude to Pakistan Youth Change Advocates for their support, the Illuminate Impact Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to organizing similar awareness campaigns and sessions. The foundation envisions empowering communities with knowledge for healthier lifestyles in the future.