Naheed Jahangir

Lady Reading Hospital surgeons in a first of kind procedure in the province have successfully removed brain stem hydatid cyst from an Afghan child.

Brain stem hydatid cyst is a rare illness and only a few cases are reported globally.

The eight years old Afghan child from northern city of Mazar Sharif was rushed to the LRH in a critical condition with seizure and paralysis of hand and leg. His father said that they shown their child to several doctors; however, his condition does not improve, forcing them to shift the child to Peshawar.

He said that doctors at LRH told them the child situation was critical and they have operate on him.

World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated on June 8 to raise awareness about tumors among the public.

Professor Dr Haider Ali the procedure they performed on the child was a really complicated one. “This is first such operation in my 30 years career,” he said.

However, Dr Haider said that the procedure was successfully carried out.

He said that he was happy for successful operation in Pakistan.

Dr Haider said that child was critical and was unconscious. He said that the diagnostic tests, they carried out on the child showed that tumor was in the interior part of brain.

“The child is doing fine, can move his hand and feet and talk,” he said.

He said that hydatid cyst spread from tapeworm in dogs’ guts and its eggs are spread through feces.

Dr Haider said that in case of depositing on fruits and vegetables, these eggs could enter human and other animal bodies and spread to other parts of body and is called hydatid diseases.

He said that in 70 percent of cases, this illness affects liver, lungs in 20 percent and brain in 10 percent.

He said that this cyst is bigger in size and critical due to located being deep inside the brain.

Regarding tumors, he said that brain tumor is a critical illness and in many cases due to lack of awareness, treatment is started very late.

He said that brain tumors symptoms included headaches, vision and smell issues and vomiting. Besides, he said that paralysis of a hand, feet and difficulty in talking is also most important symptoms of brain tumor.

However, he said that there were no defined reasons for developing brain tumors.

“Most it could be genetic while in other cases exposure to particular chemicals, radiation, use of some medicines and insecticides,” he said.

He said that extensive mobile use could also lead to brain tumors as phone rays also affect brain.

He said that those having the symptoms of brain tumors should immediately contact a doctor.

Dr Haider said that stage three brain tumor patient can survival rate is up to five years and four to three years in stage four. “The survival rate could be same even in case of operation while the patient life span is short without treatment,” he said.