Nisha Arif

Many of the areas across the country as well as in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are still submerged in water following the devastating floods. On the other hand, doctors and health expert fear that the standing water can cause several diseases and elderly and minors were particularly vulnerable to them. Some of the illnesses which can spread in flood affected areas are listed here.


Diarrhea spreads very quickly in flood affected areas and could pose health hazard for elderly and young. In most of the cases, flood waters enter the affected areas water supply and contaminate their water supply, which in turn leads to spread of diarrhea in those areas. Vomiting and diarrhea can lead to dehydration, which was serious health hazard and to avoid this one should boil drinking water in rainy and floods days. In case of getting diarrhea one should immediately contact doctor and start using oral rehydration salts or ORS and also get vaccinated against communicable diseases.


Typhoid is a bacterial infection and spread from Salmonella typhi and causes temperature among those infected. It spreads from drinking contaminated water and substandard food.  Flood water also damage vegetables and fruits and using them can cause typhoid, which initially affects small intestine and later spreads to rest of the organs. To safeguard oneself from typhoid, one needs to be very careful about drinking water. In addition to this, one also needs to be careful about food while fruits should be consumed after thoroughly washing them. In case of high fever, one should immediately consult a doctor.


Malaria spread through a parasite which enters human body through mosquito bite. Standing water turns flood affected areas into massive breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Therefore, puddles and other sources of standing waters should be covered with earth to stop the mosquito growth. Similarly, sprays over standing water are also necessary to stop mosquitoes’ growth.

Eye infections

During floods, humidity and heat also increase, which can cause  eye infections and in case of contracting such infection one needs to wash eyes with clean water. However, in case of severe pain one needs to contact a doctor.

Skin illnesses

Skin infections also spread in flood affected areas; therefore, one needs to take great care of personal hygiene in flood days.

Skin infections can quickly spread from one to another person and the itchy rashes quickly turn to wounds. In case of having skin infection, one need to immediately contact a doctor.