PESHAWAR, November 13: The National Disaster Management Authority says the rehabilitation of infrastructure in North Waziristan tribal region requires at least two years and 75 billion rupees.

Speaking to a western media organization, the NDPA chief Major General Muhammad Saeed Aleem said the rehabilitation of people from North Waziristan and reconstruction schemes in the region would be completed in two phases.

He said that in the first phase, schools, bazaars, houses and hospitals would be reconstructed to enable people to start living there. In the second phase, the entire infrastructure of the region would be rebuilt, he added.

Two days, ago, the NDMA chief had told a donor conference in the federal capital Islamabad that the entire civil system and businesses in North Waziristan had been destroyed in the military operation.

He said people would be rehabilitated once the war was over. He said people would be repatriated to their native areas cleared of militants in phases.

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