Misbah ud Din Utmani

In response to the tragic passing of five-year-old Abu Huraira, allegedly due to the negligence of doctors at Bajaur’s District Headquarters Hospital, the Director General of Health Services in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has initiated an inquiry committee to ensure a transparent investigation.

The inquiry committee comprises Dr. Mohammad Dawood, the Regional Director of the Malakand Region, and Dr. Sadiq Shah, the District Health Officer of Malakand. Their mission is to conduct an impartial and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the young boy’s demise.

The committee has been assigned the crucial task of interviewing all witnesses, the child’s relatives, and the medical professionals involved. Their primary objective is to uncover the causes of Abu Huraira’s untimely death and recommend appropriate legal actions against anyone found culpable of negligence. The inquiry committee is expected to present its findings to the Director General of Health Services within a five-day timeframe.

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It is worth noting that on October 7, TNN reported that five-year-old Abu Huraira, hailing from Utmankhel Tehsil of Bajaur, was admitted to the District Headquarters Hospital in severe pain. Tragically, he passed away after enduring hours of waiting for medical attention.

Khan, the grieving uncle, recounted that he had rushed his nephew to the hospital at noon due to abdominal pain. Despite being promised an operation, no doctor attended to the child, and his condition deteriorated.

Siraj Khan alleges that, despite an agonizing 10-hour wait, the doctors failed to provide proper care, ultimately leading to the loss of his beloved child.