A group photo of guests and players during inauguration of sports event in Khyber Agency. Ayaz Raza

JAMRUD, November 15: The Khyber Agency Education Officer, Mr Atiquur Rehman, has inaugurated the inter-school sports competitions that have started on various sports grounds in the agency.

The Government High School Mian Morcha and the Government High School No 2 of Jamrud have won in the inaugural matches of volleyball.

The Government High School No 2 has defeated the Hashimabad High School by the lead of 8 points.

Talking to TNN correspondent, one of the spectators said, “I am very happy to see the players participate in the sports activity and I also encourage the other students to participate in the event. Such activities have positive effects as they keep the youth away from drugs and other social evils.”

Another visitor said, “Along with other fields, sports play an important role in our lives. All of us are really happy for the event that has recently got started.”

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