Interpol arrests key accursed in Charsadda triple murder case in Malaysia

PESHAWAR: The prime accused in Charsadda triple murder case has been arrested from Malaysia with the help of Interpol, said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police to media on Friday.

District Police Officer (DPO) Charsadda made the announcement saying that the main accused involved in the killing of three brothers in Jan Kalay Umerzai has been nabbed with the help of Interpol in Kualamapur after two months of continuous efforts. The DPO said that they are forming a special team to bring him to the country.

After the murders, KP Inspector General of Police (IGP)has taken notice and ordered the formation of a Joint investigation team to probe the case and provide justice to the victim family. Malik Nader Khan believed as the key accused. He has allegedly invited the three brothers to his Hujra to resolve the issue peacefully with the help of Pir Muhammad, already under the police custody. But when they reached his place, he allegedly opened fire on them killing three brothers on the spot and escape from the crime scene.

The gruesome incident occurred on May 26, in Ali Jan village in the jurisdiction of Umarzai Police Station in Charsadda over a property dispute.  Mother of the three slain sons had reportedly said that Pir Mohammad had come to their house and taken her sons to the hujra of Nadar Khan. She had told police that Pir Mohammad was involved in firing on her sons at the hujra.

Police has already arrested Pir Muhammad along with anther accused identified as Nasir Jamal. However, the family of Nasir Jamal, who is one of the accused the brutal murder of three bothers in Umarzai, has said that he has been implicated in the case to protect the prime accused in the case.

His brother, Yasir Jamal, while addressing a press conference in Charsadda said that they reject the Joint investigation team report and asked the high police officials that the CCTV footage of the tragedy is available which should be examined to know the actual person involved in the triple murder case.