PESHAWAR: Islamabad Police has claimed arresting the main accused in the case of sexual abuse and murder of 10-year-old girl from Mohmand tribal district, Farishta Mohmand.

Police claims that the arrested person lives in Shahzad Town, Islamabad, and he is also involved in sexual abuse of 11 other girls. The accused, Nisar Ali, is a neighbour of the deceased girl. The accused was pinpointed to police by the mother of the deceased girl.

Earlier, police had made several arrests in the case, but remained failed to reach the main culprits. Police had sent the DNA samples of Farishta Mohmand to Punjab Forensic Science Agency, which helped in the arrest of the accused. The DNA samples were collected from the clothes of Farishta. About 150 people were included in the investigation and their DNA tests were conducted to reach the culprits.

On May 15, the father of Farishta approached the police for filing a case that she has gone missing. However, police took four days to register the case and on May 20, the mutilated body of Farishta was found in a forest in Shahzad Town. The role of Islamabad Police was extremely disappointing in the whole case as it initially refused to lodge an FIR on pretext that the missing girl might have eloped with someone. The parents of the victim girl were extremely frustrated over the behaviour of police and they resorted to protests.

Upon several protests staged by the family members of the deceased girl, area people and civil society, a judicial inquiry was held into the incident and action was taken against negligent police officials. The station house officer of Shahzad Town police station was suspended and Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural Umar Khan was made officer on special duty.

Some media reports suggested that the arrested accused has confessed to killing the girl after sexually abusing her.

Islamabad Police says the arrested accused will be presented before the court for physical remand. It said further investigation for tracing all the culprits and their facilitators is underway. Police said the accused will be presented before the media after obtaining his physical remand from the court.