Mehsud tribesmen gather for a grand assembly

MIRANSHAH, June 16: A Jirga of North Waziristan Agency has asked the government to give time to local population to migrate to safe areas, as the Pakistan army launched operation against militants on 15 June in the area.

The Jirga members told journalists at the Peshawar Press Club that the operation started suddenly and that now local people were in trouble because they could not move to other places due to curfew.

The Jirga asked the government to lift curfew from the area and to provide food and accommodation to the residents who will leave the area due to military operation.

Some of the Jirga elders told TNN, “The curfew was imposed and operation started suddenly, hence local people remained inside their homes. We request the authorities to relax the curfew or lift it so that local residents are able to migrate to safer places through Tall and Mir Ali routes. Local people don’t have sufficient resources and the government must assist them.”

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