bajaur Jirga 6

KHAR, May 11: A jirga of local elders and administration was held in Bajaur Agency to discuss ways for durable peace in the area.

Officials of the local administration, elders and residents participated in the event.

The Assistant Political Agent of agency headquarters Khar, Mr Sohail Ahmad, said, “The main reason of this Jirga is to maintain peace in area. For this purpose, the government, administration, Frontier Corps, army and our maliks (tribal chieftains) must be on the same page and they should cooperate with one another to protect schools, colleges, health facilities and other infrastructure.”

Addressing the jirga, the elders of Uthmankhel, Nawagai and Salarzai areas in Bajaur said they would never allow miscreants to disturb the peace.

Jirga is of much significance in Pakhtun culture as it is an assembly of elders to resolve various issues and disputes.

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