CHITRAL, April 28: The four-day traditional Kagh Lasht festival concluded in Chitral district on 27 April.

The festival is held in spring season by the residents of Kagh Lusht plateau in the district.

TNN correspondent says that on the last day of the event, thousands of people came to the Kagh Lasht ground of Booni area.

Local people enjoyed the traditional games of polo and Siyah Kaman. Siyah Kaman is a shooting game in which a specific type of old rifle is used.

Besides sports of football, volleyball, and cricket, a musical programme had also been arranged.

At the end of the event, Member Provincial Assembly from Chitral Sardar Hussain distributed prizes among the players of various games.

Meanwhile, local residents complained of the authorities’ indifferent attitude. They said the local administration did not take care of sanitation and cleanliness at the festival. They said heaps of garbage were lying on ground during the event.

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