PESHAWAR, June 17: Kalakhel tribe of Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency has asked Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor to take notice of the use of substandard material in construction of a road in their area and punish those responsible.

Kalakhel tribesmen told journalists at the Peshawar Press Club that four kilometers road had been constructed but that it was being damaged again due to use of low quality material during construction.

They also said the contractor had broken the sanitary pipelines, due to which the sanitary water was getting mixed with drinking water wells.

A tribal elder, Mufti Muhammad Anwar Afridi, told TNN, “We can identify the places where the one side of road in under-construction and the other side of constructed road is damaged due to usage of low standard material. Another major issue is that there are sewage water channels on both sides of road and we also use that water for irrigation. But now those canals were filled with construction material and we are unable to irrigate our fields.”

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