Khassadars, Levies forces launch protest campaign

BAJAUR: A protest jirga was held in Mohmand and Bajaur on Sunday against Levies and Khassadars forces bills passed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) assembly last week.

Jirga rejected the bills and asked the government to provide them with all previsions KP police. Syed Jalal Wazir, Chairman of All-Khassadars Force Committee, Member of the National Assembly Sajid Khan, MPA Nisar Mohmand, MPA Abbas Khan and Mohmand police officer Abdul Rashid Khan participated in the protest jirga held at Girls Degree College in Chanda area of Ghalanai today.

Addressing the jirga, Syed Jalal Wazir said the KP government had agreed with him on a 22-point agenda and all the demands were accepted, but now the government has withdrawn its decisions, which is very unfortunate. “We are not ready to take down the rank of the police force,” he said, “According to the agreement, all Khassadars and levies forces should be given privileges of police personnel in all tribal districts.”

Syed Jalal Wazir clarified that the 39 policemen deployed in all the tribal districts should be returned immediately. He said that the protest jirga started at Bajaur would be extended to Wana and then there will be protests in which the general public will also be invited to participate.

Members Provincial Assembly Nisar Mohmand and Abbas Khan said the provincial government has approved the new bills in the dark and they’ve not consulted any other party in this regard. The said new act was rejected by their parties during the assembly meeting and all their sympathies and support are with Khasadars and Levies forces.

At the end of the jirga, MNA Sajid Khan said the issue will be taken up before the National Assembly’s SAFRON Committee where the inspector general of police KP Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan and the chairman of the All Khasadar Force will be invited to participate.

Protest Jirga in Mohmand

Following the Bajaur protest, a mega protest was also held in Mohmand to press the government for their demands on Sunday. The ceremony was attended by MNAs, MPAs, DPOs as well as Khasadar forces special committee Chairman, Syed Jalal Wazir, and hundreds of Levies and Khasadar force members.

During the ceremony, speakers strongly condemned the Khasadar and levies Forces Act 2019. They announced to further extend the protest to Khyber District and other tribal districts in the coming few days. The jirga members issued an ultimatum to all the police officers deployed in all districts to leave the districts immediately.

The MPAs and MNAs have assured that Khasadars and levies force of their full support in getting their rights.