KHYBER AGENCY, May 2: The Education Department of Khyber Agency has taken action against 77 teachers, five of whom were fired from service due to prolonged absenteeism.

Education Officer of Khyber Agency, Ateeq-ur-Rehamn said they had also suspended 15 more teachers. He said salaries and increments of two to three months’ had also been deducted from several teachers for absenteeism.

Speaking to TNN, the officer said, “We came to know about many teachers who are living abroad while having installed others in their places of duties. So we forwarded their identity cards to the FIA and they helped us identify those teachers who are abroad. We are trying to improve the education system and people will see the difference within four to five months.”

The FIA, which stands for the Federal Investigation Agency, is a federal law-enforcement agency of Pakistan.

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