PESHAWAR, November 5: The internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Khyber Agency are confronted a host of problems at relief camps in Jalozai, Nowshera and Ring Road, Peshawar.

The IDPs say people from affluent families have arranged houses for themselves on rent while those staying at the camps are facing problems of health, food and chilly weather.

“Neither have we brought valuables, nor any other stuff from our homes as we could hardly move anything with us to this area. The government should have opened the routes for us as our women could not travel through the marshy places. We all have got injured,” said a displaced tribesman.

“We are two brothers and are a family of 12 to 13 members. We used to take care of the lands and plough the fields in our native area, here we don’t have money nor do we have any business. We aren’t facilitated in any way.”

The IDPs demanded the government assist them the way they helped the people of North Waziristan.

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