KOHISTAN: The Kohistan video scandal story has taken a new turn as now two nieces of the deceased Afzal Kohistani, who unveiled the whole scandal, have been kidnapped.

Afzal Kohistani was shot dead by his rivals in Abbottabad on March 7. Bin Yasir, brother of Afzal Kohistani, said in a video message that his 13-year-old twin nieces have been kidnapped on gun point by their rivals. He said police was not cooperating with him despite lodging complaint of the incident.

Bin Yasir said although the station house officer (SHO) has arrested one culprit, but proper action has not been taken against him. He alleged that the SHO was adopting delaying tactics in taking action against the accused. He has requested the media organisations to convey his grievances to the concerned departments.

The widow of Afzal Kohistani also went missing few months ago and no one knows about her whereabouts.

The case came to light in 2011 when reports emerged that an online video of young men dancing before a group of five women had led to their murders on a Jirga order. The mixed gathering had taken place in a village located in an extremely conservative part of KP. In the eyes of the locals, they had violated tribal norms and brought dishonour upon them.

Reportedly, five girls in the audience, as well as the men who were dancing and his two brothers, were later murdered. Afzal Kohistani was the brother of the two men, who were reportedly killed on the order of tribal Jirga. Afzal Kohistani himself, for much of the intervening period, had to live in hiding because of threats to his life.

The government had appointed a fact-finding commission, which was unable to definitively establish whether the murders had taken place, circumstantial and empirical evidence strongly suggested that was the case. The KP government, later on, told the court that the five women seen in the video have been killed. The court after several years has convicted several culprits in the case.

Despite getting so much attention, something untoward regularly occurs in the case and the culprits remain at large.