According to the Meteorological Department of Pakistan (PMD), a new series of monsoon rains is expected to commence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on July 19. The department has predicted that the rains will continue intermittently until July 23.

With this spell of rain, there is a possibility of landslides in hilly areas and urban flooding in various regions, including Peshawar, the PMD warned.

In light of this forecast, the Director-General of PDMA (Provincial Disaster Management Authority) has issued instructions to the district administration to take proactive measures. The PDMA has highlighted the risk of landslides in the upper districts and has urged the district administration to ensure the availability of necessary machinery and equipment.

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The PDMA further emphasized the potential for urban flooding in certain areas of Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, and Mardan. It emphasized the need for monitoring rain drains and taking appropriate measures to prevent flooding.

In the event of a storm, people are advised to stay away from power lines, weak structures, signboards, and billboards. Additionally, it is essential to disseminate advisory messages to tourists and local communities in vulnerable upland areas, using local languages for better understanding.

The communication stated that all relevant line departments should remain vigilant in maintaining road links and providing alternative routes to avoid road blockages. Special plans should be put in place to manage the impact of the rainfall.

Precautionary measures should also be taken for passengers traveling on provincial and national highways in sensitive areas. Authorities should ensure the timely transfer of people to safe areas and the availability of emergency services personnel to respond to any emergencies.

Tourists should be well-informed about the weather conditions and take extra precautions during their travels. The PDMA’s Emergency Operations Center is fully operational, and people can contact the helpline number 1700 for information and guidance.

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