KP Commission On Status Of Women Condemns Honor Killing Incident
There is no honour in Honour killing.

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women has condemned yet another ‘honour killing’ in the family of late Afzal Kohistani while his widow, along with daughter, is still missing.

An FIR has been registered stating that Afzal’s brother Gul Nazar, has killed one of his relatives allegedly for having a relationship with late Afzalsecond wife, Hira. According to detail, Muhammad Waqar was travelling to relative’s house in Allai when the two suspects stopped their car at Janazga area of Battagram’s Allai tehsil and opened fire at Waqar due to which he died on the spot.

The police were told that the crime was committed over suspicions that he was in a relationship with Kohistani’s second wife.

A month ago, Afzal Kohistani, a human right defender and a leading character in Kohistan Video Scandal was killed in Abbottabad, allegedly by his own brother. Afzal had adopted a firm stand in the ‘honour killing’ issue in Kohistan in 2012.

Meanwhile, the family of the girl also moved an application in Cantonment police station in Abbottabad that Hira Bibi, wife of Afzal Kohistani along with her daughter is also missing from last four (04) days. The family of the Hira Bibi has requested search and safe recovery of the missing Hira Bibi. The Commission took a serious notice of the matter as the life of Hira Bibi is in danger.

The Secretary of the Commission telephonically contacted the District Police Officer and Deputy Commissioner, Abbottabad and asked for serious actions against the culprits and safe recovery of Hira Bibi. The Commission also wrote a letter to the authorities for immediate actions in the matter and report furnish to the Commission on immediate basis.

The KPCSW has said that the life of a woman is in danger; therefore, the authorities were directed to take all efforts to protect her life.