khyber agency IDPs

PESHAWAR, October 25: The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has announced 5000 rupees each for the families affected by the operation in Khyber Agency.

Muhammad Ali Shahzada, the secretary of Relief, Rehabilitation and Settlement Department, chaired the Policy and Strategy Meeting at the office of Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) in Peshawar on 24 October.

At the meeting, PDMA chief Mr Tahir Orakzai said that nearly 2000 families from Khyber Agency had sought out shelters in the Jalozai and Togh Serai relief camps. He added that the government had declared to provide financial assistance of 5000 rupees to every displaced family.

On the other hand, the internally displaced persons (IDPs) have appealed to the government for financial aid and repatriation.

“We thank the government for this aid. In the meantime, we are direly need it. We require more financial aid, that’s why we appeal the government to extend cooperation to us, as we have lost our property and left our businesses. I demand the government to help us like it authorities helped the victims of North Waziristan operation by approving huge sum for them,” stated a displaced tribesman of Khyber Agency.

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