peshawar flyover

PESHAWAR, October 14: The provincial government has cancelled the contract of a company for construction of the Mufti Mehmood Flyover and assigned the project to another company.

Administration officials say the company would be given 500 million rupees to complete the leftover 30 percent work on the flyover. The company will start work on the project within 10 days.

In June 2007, the then provincial government led by the Awami National Party had inaugurated work on the one and a half kilometer flyover, from the Peshawar Central Prison up to the Bacha Khan Chowk in Peshawar city. The government had given the Skyways company two and a half years to complete the project and 1.70 billion rupees had been allocated for it.

Last month the provincial government cancelled the contract of the old company for failing to complete the scheme despite rescheduling its completion duration. The government has also seized the machinery and 10 million rupees security of the company.

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