KP Govt starts performance evaluation of schools in merged districts

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education (E&SE) department said that from this year; Newly Merged Districts performance will also be tracked through ‘District Performance Scorecard’ ranking system.

The E&SE Department has launched the District Performance Scorecard system to rank districts’ performance on education quality indicators and education access indicators. “Top-performing districts from settled and newly merged districts will be provided bi-annual incentive for improving district performance on education quality and education access,” said a press statement issued by Elementary and Secondary Education department on Wednesday.

This year to promote healthy competition for improving intra-district units’ performance, Elementary and Secondary Education Department also introduced an incentive for the top-performing unit in intra-district ranking for the districts other than the top-ranked. Education quality ranking will track districts on students’ performance in Grade-2, Grade-5, Grade-8 and Grade-9-12.

Elementary and Secondary Education Department is implementing Induction program to train new teachers and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program for in-service primary teachers, districts performance will on this program be assessed for teachers’ participation rate and assessment results.

Education access rankings will track districts progress for enabling an environment for students to stay in schools such as Schools functionality, teachers attendance, student’s attendance and School Quality Management Initiative.

Utilization of development and non-salary budgets will also be tracked as targets of the school’s construction and up-gradation and another key program can be achieved improved budget utilization.

In tribal districts of the province, 49% schools have no access to drinking water while 30% are lacking toilets, said the first-ever report of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) released on Tuesday.

The report further added that in newly merged districts teachers attendance is 82% however student’s attendance is hardly 62% which is also needed to be improved. The IMU report said that the survey of 98% schools survey has been completed by IMU. The IMU said that due to bad law and order situation in some areas, 2% of schools could not be surveyed by the IMU team.