PESHAWAR: After establishment of the Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (RRR) Unit by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in merged tribal districts, Rs18 billion funds have been released so far.

The last tranche of the said amount was Rs4.44 billion which was released recently. The RRR Unit spokesman Latifur Rehman in an interview with TNN said all the departments under the Fata Secretariat have come under the KP government after the merger and Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Department of tribal districts has been merged with Relief Department of KP.

“Now all the development projects in merged districts will be carried out under the provincial government. The KP government has released Rs18.4 billion for rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in merged districts out of which Rs7.89 billion has been allocated for South Waziristan, Rs3.16 billion has been allocated for North Waziristan, Rs3.14 billion for Orakzai, Rs1.7 billion for Kurram and Rs2.47 billion for Khyber tribal district,” he said.

The spokesman said the RRR Unit has released these funds for reconstruction of houses and government properties damaged during military operations in merged districts.

“These funds are in addition to the share of merged districts in the NFC Award. The KP government has released Rs18.4 billion for merged districts from its own funds. Schools, hospitals and businesses damaged during militancy and military operations will be restored with these funds,” he said.

The RRR Unit spokesman said the funds will cover reconstruction of 250 schools, 70 hospitals, markets, shopping malls and stadiums for the youth.

“Mosques come under the category of private property, but the KP government programme also covers mosques and other properties damaged due to terrorism,” Latifur Rehman said.

Different rehabilitation projects by the federal government and welfare organisations are continuing in tribal districts, and now the provincial government has also joined in to complete different projects. The tribal people have appreciated the KP government for releasing funds for rehabilitation projects in merged districts. They have also demanded completion of all these projects in a transparent manner.

Some of the tribal leaders are also concerned over delay in release of the Rs100 billion funds pledged by the federal government during the merger process.