The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Commission has released its quarterly performance report, stating that it has initiated GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping of healthcare centers for the first time in the province. Furthermore, in compliance with the orders of the Peshawar High Court, the commission has audited 37 hospitals registered on the health card.

During the quarter, the commission completed the online registration of 1074 health centers and inspected 1799. Of these, show cause notices were issued to 446 health centers, while 208 were sealed for various violations.

Similarly, the commission inspected 268 beauty salons and aesthetic clinics, and sealed 10, while 22 were issued show cause notices. The commission also addressed 215 complaints out of the 272 complaints it received in the last three months.

The report on hospital inspections has been sent to the Health Department. The commission has also signed an MoU with the Health Card and State Life Insurance Corporation to develop criteria for impaneling secondary and tertiary care hospitals.

The report further stated that, in the last three months, 25 health centers had been issued provisional licenses after a health assessment.

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