Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA) officials said that awareness regarding tax was on the rise among the public.

They said that this increased awareness has also resulted into registration of about 19,000 taxpayers with the authority.

KPRA is a the same time working to promote tax culture among the public and has launched an awareness campaign with the assistance of the USAID funded KP Revenue Mobilization Programme (KPRM).

KPRA spokesperson Sohail Khattak said that most of the customers were reaching them through social media. “We communicate our new policies to public through media,” he said.

Mr Khattak said that the public response to the taxpayer registration drive launched this year was very encouraging as compared to last year.

He said that the awareness regarding KPRA tax was on the rise. Mr Khattak said that the KPRA which had started premises on rented space has grown to three regional offices.

KPRA figures show that so far about 19,000 taxpayers have registered themselves with the authority. The authority has designated 18th of every month as last day for the submission of the tax returns. KPRA officials said that a service provider failing to pay his taxes can face fine up to Rs 10,000.

However, under the Sales and Service Tax Act 2022 in case of a making a mistake for the first time, the authority cannot impose fine on a taxpayer. However, in case of a second mistake, the customers would be liable to pay fine.

Mr Khattak said that KPRA has also setup a communication department to spread awareness among the masses.  However, he said that those providing services also need to keep themselves updated about the authority.

“They can get updates on the authority through WhatsApp and Citizens Portal,” he said.

Mr Khattak said that public should cooperate with the authority as it was facing staff shortage.

“It was a difficult task to maintain tax record of 19,000 people,” he said.

However, he said that if someone was providing services to the public, then, they should inform the authority regarding the fact the entity despite providing services has no mention of taxes in its receipts.

Mr Khattak said that when someone receives services of a service provider, he should ask for a proper receipt, containing National Tax Number.

He said that in case of being issued with not a proper receipt, one can approach the authority.

Mr Khattak said that those availing hotel services, must ask for a computer generated receipt having NTN number of the entity.

He said that if a taxpayer dines at a restaurant or avails some other services, then, he can share the receipt with the authority on the WhatsApp number to provide to check whether or not the authority has received the tax paid by the customer.

“This way public can help us,” he said.

Besides, he said that KPRA has also undertaken other initiatives for the promotion of the authority.

He said that KPRA has also launched the restaurant invoice monitoring system or RIMS, which was also being extended to catering business.

Mr Khattak said that customer receiving a receipt from a service provider should be mindful of invoice number of the receipt, whether it is computer generated or not and the value of tax. He said that receipt issued through RIMS has five percent of tax while those out of it has eight percent of tax on it.

“In case of discrepancy, a taxpayer can approach the KPRA and the authority will take action on such complaints,” he said.

He said that tax collected by the authority was being spent on initiative like Sehat Card Plus health insurance scheme. “Such major initiatives are run on public tax,” he said.

Mr Khattak said that people feedback to the authority was good and it enjoyed good reputation in the eye of public.

“Authority takes prompt action on public complaints,” he added.

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