Open-heart surgery resumes at LRH after brief halt

Peshawar: The administration of Lady Reading Hospital has reported that a total of 9,000 patients, including 1,000 cases of overeating, were admitted during the Eid occasion.

Muhammad Azam, the hospital spokesperson, stated that preparations had been made in advance to handle potential cases of food poisoning, ensuring that all patients received timely medical assistance.

He further mentioned that the hospital treated around 70 individuals who suffered knife-related injuries during animal sacrifices, while four others were admitted due to animal collisions.

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Moreover, LRH received more than 250 injured individuals from road accidents, primarily involving motorcycle riders. Additionally, the hospital admitted 119 people who had fallen from heights, including 33 victims of firing incidents and 52 involved in fights.

During the Eid holidays, 22 individuals with burn injuries were promptly treated at the hospital, and adequate medical assistance was provided to them.

The spokesperson emphasized that the hospital ensured timely treatment and the availability of medications, not only in emergency cases but also in the wards. As a result, the number of complaints received was minimal.

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