Lakki Marwat: Solo girls's school in Machin Khel lacks facilities

LAKKI MARWAT: Despite the tall claims of education emergency in KP, Lakki Marwat’s Government Girls Primary School, Machin Khel, still lacks staff as well as other basic facilities including electricity fans and water supply.

Local people informed that lack of facilities have made it difficult for the students to get a proper education. According to the correspondent TNN, it is the only Girls Primary School in the area but it has only one teacher for over 100 students. The school has two rooms for students, but it has just one electricity fan that is also for the school teacher, which makes it almost impossible for the students to study in the unbearable scorching summer heat of Lakki Marwat.

Local sources said that innocent students are forced to sit on the floor in hot summer because there is no benches and chairs in the school. Moreover, they are also worried about the lives of their children as both the rooms of the schools have developed cracks which the local said can be dangerous for the students to set under it. There was a submersible machine but that is also non-functional due to which the school’s guard has to bring water from nearby areas for students as well as for the plants and maintaining hygiene in the school building.

In a conversation with TNN, the watchman said that I had told the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) education department officers that whenever they come for inspection, I would be present at the school and will maintain the school in better conditions. He added that he is making efforts to keep the school as clean as possible and in the whole circle, there is no school as clean as this school, but it is the responsibility of the government to provide it with facilities so that the children get a proper education.