In a significant development, the elders of Lakki Marwat’s Tajori have declared a boycott of polio vaccinations for children. The Tajori Action Committee organized a meeting in Sub-division Tajori, drawing significant participation from the Tajori community.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the ongoing power outage lasting four days, attendees, led by Shahidullah, president of Marwat Bettani Qaumi Tehreek, voiced their concerns.

Previously allotted four hours of electricity, the residents noted a complete cut-off for the last four days. Illegal installation of an LT line from the Tajori HT line to Tajazai was identified as the cause, leading to increased line losses on the feeder due to numerous unauthorized power connections.

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The committee’s demands include the disconnection of the illegal line, the posting of senior linemen instead of junior linemen incapable of climbing electric poles during their initial five years of service, and the establishment of a self-made breaker on Tajori Feeder 2 in Tajori instead of Tajazai.

Urging Pesco and district authorities to address their concerns promptly, they warned of halting the movement of vehicles to Bettani Gas Oil Field if power to Tajori Feeder 2 is not restored immediately.

In response, Line Superintendent Asif Iqbal cited a fault on the line for the past two days. Due to a shortage of staff and the length of the line, the fault detection has been delayed. Once identified, power supply restoration is assured, though the absence of the senior lineman complicates the situation.