swat l anda bazaar

SWAT, October 16: With the arrival of winter, residents of Swat district have started visiting landa bazaars to buy themselves warm clothing on low prices.

Landa bazaars are markets where shops offer second-hand items on lower prices.

TNN correspondent says that landa bazaars are getting overcrowded after the first rainfall and snowfall of winter because people prefer purchasing items of their own choice at affordable rates.

However, buyers complain that this time the prices are higher compared to last year.

An area resident said, “We used to come to landa bazaars as everything over here was sold at low prices. Now I am wandering in Mingora bazaars and visited about four to five shops but everything is too expensive and shopkeepers don’t negotiate the prices now.”

Another resident said, “Shoes of good quality are available here; that’s why we came here. It doesn’t matter if the prices are a little bit higher because one finds quality goods here.”

Shopkeepers say that people used to buy every kind of stuff in the past, but that now they bring the goods on the demand of buyers; that’s why the prices are a bit higher now.

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