Nisar Bettani

In Dera Ismail Khan, a 32-year-old man hailing from Kattakhel village in the Paniala region took an unusual step by approaching the police station to file a complaint against his parents for failing to facilitate his marriage.

According to police reports, the concerned youth claimed that although his nikah (Islamic marriage contract) was solemnized on December 2, 2021, the actual marriage ceremony has not taken place yet.

Expressing his frustration in the application filed at the Paniala police station, he emphasized that despite being officially married, he remains single, grappling with the emotional toll of prolonged loneliness. He stated, “I have repeatedly implored my parents to proceed with my marriage, but they have consistently refused to acquiesce.”

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The distressed young man asserted that his parents exhibit a complete lack of concern for his well-being and show no inclination towards fulfilling their responsibilities in arranging his marriage. This disregard, he claims, has taken a toll on his mental health, pushing him into a state of depression. Consequently, he sought the intervention of the police, urging them to mediate with his parents and persuade them to proceed with the marriage.

In response to the young man’s plea, the police have initiated actions to address the matter and mediate between the concerned parties.