Electricity transformer Swat

MINGORA, July 19: About 200 transformers have gone out of order due to low voltage in Swat district during the last two months.

Local residents are in trouble due to low voltage and out-of-order transformers. Residents of Ghalgai area told TNN that the transformer in their area was out of order for the last 18 days and that people are facing problems in the fasting month of Ramazan.

“We have shortage of water and ice. We cannot bring home meat, because we don’t have electricity supply to keep the commodity cool in refrigerators,” said a resident.

Chairman of Dedak Committee, who is also member of the provincial assembly, Mr Fazal Karim told TNN that it was the responsibility of WAPDA, the national electric company, to facilitate people but that the WAPDA had failed to ensure power supply.

On the other hand, WAPDA officials said the problem of low voltage could be solved if the government set up another grid station in Swat.

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