Man dies of dengue fever in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease, has killed young newspaper vendor in Peshawar district on Monday.

According to details, Sheikh Mohammed’s resident Tilah Mohammed had complained of fever some days ago. He arrived at Lady Reading Hospital, the province’s largest medical centre, where, after preliminary tests, he was diagnosed with a dengue mosquito bite.

Later, He was admitted to the Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar for four consecutive days but despite the efforts of the doctors, he could not survive and died in the hospital. The late Tilah Muhammad belonged to a poor family who used to come to the newspaper market early in the morning to earn his living by selling newspapers in his particular area. He left behind two sons, five daughters and a widow.

The Akhbar Farosh union and the local elders demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government that he was the sole earner of his family and after his death, there was no source of support left for the family. Therefore, the government should immediately announce compensation for the bereaved family.

They also asked for timely steps to prevent dengue spread in areas including Sheikh Mohammedi, Badabher, Shekhan, Aachar Kohat Road and other areas of the provincial capital. The local said that the people are poor while the treatment of dengue fever is very expensive therefore all efforts should be made to prevent the spread of dengue fever in the district and provide relief to the people.

This was the second death due to dengue fever in the province as today morning a woman has died of dengue in Saidu Sharif hospital in Swat district of the province. According to a spokesperson of the Hospital, the woman from Rang Mohalla had been suffering from dengue fever for eight days.

According to the KP health department, the total number of people affected by dengue in the province this year has reached 1,189.