Kainat Ali

Our village drinking water quality has so deteriorated after the floods that it is not even suitable for making tea, Majida Bibi, a resident of Ashraf Killay in Charsdda district said.

Majida and other members of her village are facing problems after the August floods wreaked havoc on the district.

She said that when she returned to her house after the floods, the drinking water was potable. “It is not even suitable for making tea,” she said.

She said that their children were facing itchy skin, diarrhea and other problems due to the drinking water issues.

Following the floods, the villagers continued to get water from tankers; which has now stopped. Majida said that their males used to work day and now in the evening they have walk long distance in search of drinking water.

“There should a permanent solution for drinking water issue in the area,” she said.

She said that it has more than two months since the supply of drinking water in tankers has ceased.

Hijratullah, disabled in both legs, said that flood affectees were facing multiple issues due to the unavailability of drinking water.

He said that the area water has not suitable for drinking; but having no option; they were forced to use it.

Besides, he said that government was also not serious in resolving flood affectees issues. “They usually visit for photo sessions,” he said.

He said that everything in the area has been devoured by sand and could not be cleansed so far.

“When we fill water bucket, there is a heavy layer of sediment at its bottom and its taste awful,” he said.

Besides, he said that when they dug up the area’s drinking water pipes, they were filled with sand.

Sakina Bibi, another woman said that due to polluted water, everyone in her household was suffering from skin issues.

“My daughter is also suffering from itchy skin,” she said.

On the other hand, charity organizations are working to solve the public problems, cleaning villages’ wells and installing hand pumps for drinking water.

Azmat Akbar, an official of the Al-Khidmat Foundation said that they have cleansed more than 400 wells in the district and were also working on installation of hand pumps.

He said that they have cleaned the drinking water wells in Shabqadar, Bela, Katozai, Agra, Babara and Sardaryab areas of the district and water was now potable.

On the other hand flood affected people of Charsadda district have demanded government to pay attention to their drinking water problem.

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